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A Girl's Guide to Knitting and Saving the Universe
Abby Skyler has finally run away from her abusive foster family. She escapes to the streets of Seattle where she stumbles cross a young girl being attacked. Without thinking, she rushes in with the only weapon she has: her knitting needles. Who knew a pair of size eights could slay a demon?  

A Girl's Guide Fan Art

Staking His Claim
Elizabeth Madigan travels to the untamed widlerness of the Klondike to find her father. Jake Smith is the one man who can help her. He has other plans. He knows she's his ticket to taking over the missing Madigan's gold claims. Will he use her to make his claim or help her find her father, the one man to whom he owes his life.

Staking His Claim - excerpt

Poem of the Day

Sometimes mine, sometimes a friend's, sometimes one I wished I'd written.


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